Friday, 23 March 2007

Kings to Cologne

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Kings Of Leon are coming!!
For some reason, that excites me, even though I somnehow refused to listen to their songs so far. I have some mp3s on this PC, but... I dunno.
Still, they're coming to Cologne, on July, the 2nd.
Place: E-Werk, Cologne
Tickets: ca 31 € (pretty expensive, I think)
Chance to go: we'll see
I have that akward wish, to buy myself a ticket and see them, but I dunno why. I've never really listened to them. Maybe, I should get their albums first, before I do something, I'll regret later. They're having an album coming out soon, called "Because of the times" or something like that.
I mean, 31€ is a bit heavy, innit?
I'll think about it.

But one of them is hot.
The bassist.
Definitely a plus.

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