Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Sounds like the strokes

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket-->The Dead Bohemes
says the Kulturpalast description.
My opinion: Yeah, somehow, they're right. The Dead Bohemes, do sound similar to my favourite band. Somehow, Germany itself managed to give the indie-scene an excellent rock band. Hard to believe, because Germany, from my point of view, can barely win an award concerning good indie-bands(excluding The Robocop Kraus, of course). Well, the quality of their songs on myspace isn't the best, but I'll look for something better on the internet, as soon as the A-Level will be over(Tomorrow!!!). However, I like the indifference, that the songs display,especially the voice, just likeThe Strokes have in theirs. Of course, this new band cannot reach up to the worlds-best rock band(yeah, they are!), but one has to see the things a bit more optimistic.
I think, this will be fine for a live gig.
This can only be a good sign, because them plus three other bands will be coming to Wiesbaden in about three weeks to the Fastbreak Festival II in April, 14th(-> see Live Eventualities).
Seems like another opportunity to spend the money, that i actually don't have, but can't hold me back to not give it to poor, little indie-bands.
yeah, I'm really looking forward to them.
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anyway, I have a new compilation, I'm mixing my playlists lately, so tomorrow there'll be a 'new' one, too, I guess.

  1. Beirut - Mount Wroclai(Idle Days)
  2. Beirut - After The Curtain
  3. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Going To Hell
  4. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth
  5. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Monkey Puzzle
  6. The Cribs - Mirror Kissers
  7. The Cribs - You're Gonna Lose Us
  8. Feist - Let it Die
  9. Feist - Mushaboom
  10. The Maccabees - About Your Dress
  11. Mogwai - Nick Drake
  12. Nick Drake - One Of These Things First
  13. Patrick Wolf - Tristan
  14. Peggy Lee - Fever
  15. Peggy Lee - Fly Me To The Moon
  16. Sonido Total - The Pinker Tones
  17. The Sunshine Underground - Put You In Your Place
  18. The Sunshine Underground - Commercial Breakdown
  19. The Thermals - Nu Culture Icons

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Plus, I have two mp3s from Beirut:
  1. Beirut - Postcards from Italy-> mp3
  2. Beirut - Mount Wroclai -> mp3


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